Mitt Romney, Vulture Capitalist?

Democrats are firmly in favor of a mixed economy: socialism and crony capitalism.  What a shock it was to find out that self-righteous so-con stalwarts like Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are actually socially conservative socialist/crony capitalists.  Meanwhile, poor Mitt Romney has been turned into a punching bag for actually being a capitalist.  Not a crony capitalist, but a "vulture capitalist."  Was that term invented by Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi?  I don't think so.  It probably goes back to Lenin or Trotsky, or even farther than that.  How did allocation of capital by the Party work out for the Soviet Union? I guess it is easy to say you favor capitalism when you have no idea what the word means.  It refers to an economic system with private property rights, where the owners of that capital allocate it as they see fit, usually to earn as high a rate of return as they can.  The Ivy-League geniuses are sure that they could do a better...(Read Full Article)