It's Not About Newt

GOP voters are sending a clarion call to the party establishment, but it seems GOP leaders are not getting the message. The statement being sent to the GOP elite isn't about Newt, and it goes beyond even Romney.  It is about a deep dissatisfaction that has been building for years within the Republican rank and file. With the proclamations of Bob Dole and others against Newt Gingrich recently, it is clear the GOP establishment fears a Gingrich nomination.  In truth, however, it is the GOP establishment's own ineffectual leadership that led to the recent surge of the former Speaker of the House.  The prevailing wisdom in Washington and the media is that Newt's re-birth in South Carolina is due to his fiery debate performances, which is true, but what happened in the polls goes far beyond clear articulation of conservative principles and debate prowess.  Yes, the Republican voters want a fighter, someone who will take on President Obama, but Newt's boldness and...(Read Full Article)