Israel to Iran: It's Crunch Time

It is indeed a cold day in Hell when the New York Times blunders into telling the truth about Iran.  Well, it just happened. This is serious business, because it means that the NYT is now expecting something real to happen soon. President Obama has been tip-toeing away from the Iranian nuclear end-run for three years, until the window of opportunity to preempt catastrophe has almost slammed shut. The Saudis may be buying their own nukes.  Iran is threatening to block almost half of Europe's oil by shutting the Strait of Hormuz, and it can do so -- but only at a terrible price.  But once the mullahs have nukes, nobody will dare to stop them. Europe, the Arabs, Israel, and yes, the United States are all therefore facing the end of the road. If we fail to act now we will become Tehran's running lackeys very soon. Obama's three years of dithering has made this moment unavoidable.  Just as the NYT-Wapo axis only reports real poll results near election time, the fact...(Read Full Article)