Is Newt Gingrich Canoodling with the Truth?

Much like a spinster so frantic to marry that she settles for a husband who's an abusive alcoholic, conservative voters seem so desperate for a candidate who can clearly articulate their cause, apparently, that they too are willing to overlook some troubling character flaws. In order to snag a candidate who can explain the conservative platform, many Republicans seem willing to overlook Newt Gingrich's tawdry adulterous past as well as his loose grasp on the truth, which seems to loosen more by the day.  Newt Gingrich prides himself on admitting his sin, and he justifies leading the charge against Bill Clinton not because of what Bill was actually doing in the Oval Office during the Lewinsky scandal, but merely because Bill lied about it.  Newt must believe that liars who confess are exhibiting an admirable character trait.  It seems that, in the former speaker's head, being truthful about lying is what sets liars who tell the truth about lying apart from liars...(Read Full Article)