Iowa Should Not Matter

During the entire M*A*S*H series, Radar the company clerk was given a hard time for the irrelevant little town he was from -- Ottumwa, Iowa.  Ottumwa, however, is one of Iowa's major cities and media markets.  This should provide some perspective on the eight-month spectacle that is Iowa every four years.  It's almost political porn. Thus, the best way to analyze the Iowa Caucuses is to do so without regard to the results of the voting -- as done here.  As of this writing, the actual caucuses are four hours away.  But that does not matter because Iowa's caucus vote does not matter.  To make Iowa matter is to literally disenfranchise the vast majority of American voters, in fact.  We should not let that happen.  Yet we do. The only spin needed for Iowa is to point out how out of phase our emphasis on this state is.  Or more to the point, define how only 120 thousand caucus-goers do not matter mathematically.  The entire turnout of the...(Read Full Article)