He's No Damn Good

We live in cynical times.  Ours is an epoch in which, more often than not, values are trumped by political expediency.  It is a time when self-righteousness masquerades as morality.  Those who claim -- and truly believe -- that theirs is a profoundly moral political movement see that movement's standards repeatedly compromised by an unseemly pragmatism.  Perhaps the compromises represent merely a balancing of values -- the creation of a hierarchy of principle.  Whatever its purpose, its effect is a surrender of moral authority.  It represents that which conservatives have consistently condemned: a situational ethic, an unattractive moral relativism. Politics has become the enemy of principle, and its practitioners have, for electoral advantage, set aside their more basic values.  But political philosophy is a subset of ethics -- man's relationship to man -- and it is -- and must be -- profoundly grounded in principle.  It must be a uniquely...(Read Full Article)