Heads Up, America: Time to Take Back Our Kids

I watched an extremely disturbing TV program about two boys in high school who killed a girl solely for the experience.  Both boys, having aspirations of becoming movie producers, documented their murder adventure on video.  Their video included a playful interview with their unsuspecting victim at her school locker.  The obviously bright and beautiful girl looked into the camera, laughing while answering the boys' silly questions.  Later that evening, the boys bludgeoned and stabbed her to death.  One of the two boys commented, "Making murder illegal makes people want to do it." I realize that this case is an extreme incident. Another TV program featured a police sting operation.  A car was parked unlocked, with the key in the ignition, to attract car thieves.  A well-organized gang of five kids ranging in ages from 13 to 15, without hesitation, stole the car.  All five kids cussed like sailors and wore their pants below their butts. Again, I...(Read Full Article)