Heads Up, America: Time to Take Back Our Kids

I watched an extremely disturbing TV program about two boys in high school who killed a girl solely for the experience.  Both boys, having aspirations of becoming movie producers, documented their murder adventure on video.  Their video included a playful interview with their unsuspecting victim at her school locker.  The obviously bright and beautiful girl looked into the camera, laughing while answering the boys' silly questions.  Later that evening, the boys bludgeoned and stabbed her to death.  One of the two boys commented, "Making murder illegal makes people want to do it."

I realize that this case is an extreme incident.

Another TV program featured a police sting operation.  A car was parked unlocked, with the key in the ignition, to attract car thieves.  A well-organized gang of five kids ranging in ages from 13 to 15, without hesitation, stole the car.  All five kids cussed like sailors and wore their pants below their butts.

Again, I realize that this incident of a gang of middle- and junior high school kids stealing a car is anecdotal.

However, unquestionably, many youths today are callous towards the sanctity of life and are void of a moral compass regarding right and wrong.

Something that has bugged me for years is the way '60s-generation movie and TV producers think it is "far out" (cool) for kids to speak disrespectfully to their parents.  Call me old-fashioned, but I flip the channel whenever I see a kid smart-mouthing his parent and getting away with it.  I simply cannot stomach it.

This '60s-generation liberal mindset of parents being buddies with their children, relating to them as equals, affording them a right to privacy, and other nonsense is a part of the problem.

There is great value and compassion in teaching children to respect their elders.  Children who grow up never having learned to respect anyone have difficulty in personal relationships and in maintaining a job.

The last TV show I saw in which a child respected his parent was The Andy Griffith Show.  Opie always said "yes sir" and "no sir" to his dad.

On the other hand, I had to turn off a stupid '60s-generation-mindset movie. In the movie, grandparents asked their son and daughter-in-law why they were not having their new baby baptized.  In that '60s, we're-too-sophisticated-for-God way, the couple replied, "We're not going to push any religion on our child. We'll let him grow up and make up his own mind."  My thought: "Too late!"  Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Nowadays, high schools have metal detectors at the entrances and day care for the kids who have kids.

So, how do the '60s radicals who control the media, education, and government deal with social issues?  They say we must keep prayer and Bibles out of schools.  They say we must teach moral relativism, which means no one is qualified to say something is right or wrong.  These '60s radicals seek to make sure a thirteen-year-old can legally have an abortion without parental knowledge or consent.

Fifty million babies have been aborted in America since Roe in 1973.  Wacko environmentalists believe that all life, from a puppy to a toad, is equal to human life.  Could abortion on demand and extreme environmentalism be contributing factors in our youth's lack of respect for human life?

ObamaCare promotes death on both ends of the spectrum.  It mandates government-funded abortions and government panels authorized to decide whether or not it is fiscally wise to sustain the life of a senior.  My grandmother is 100 years old.

Prayer was removed from public schools in 1962.  We can all agree that our kids are far better off today because of that decision.  Right?

In my six tours across America with the Tea Party Express, I have met numerous families who home-school their children.  The difference between public-school and home-schooled children is dramatic.  Home-schooled children are poised, happy, respectful, and simply better-educated.

Here's the bottom line of my ranting.  The far-left thinking of self-absorbed '60s radicals who control much of the government and media continues to have a devastating effect on our children.  Public schools are breeding grounds for immoral, unpatriotic, "if it is oral, it ain't sex" future liberal Democrat voters, ignorant of the Constitution and our history.  Patriots, it is time to take back our children.

We must stay diligent in our efforts to reclaim control of our kids' education, defeat self-serving teachers' unions, and stop the feds from confiscating our children from home-schools for government reprogramming.

Sixties radicals have been aggressively determined to subjugate every kid in America to mind-numbing liberal indoctrination.  Our kids will be taught to worship the icon of liberalism's most successful achievement: our almighty ruler, "Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm."

Lloyd Marcus, proud unhyphenated American, is the chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and the spokesperson for the Tea Party Express. Please help Lloyd spread his message by joining his Liberty Network. Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michelle Malkin. LloydMarcus.com

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