Hawkeye Hoopla and the Rueful Paul Reality

My New Year's resolution is never hearing the words "Iowa caucuses" ever again. The ceaseless and breathless media reporting about which Republican presidential candidate is leading in the Iowa polls is about as trivial as a tractor pull in Treynor.  Iowans are good people, but let's get some perspective here. Recall that Mike Huckabee, winner of the 2008 corn caucuses, is hosting a show on Fox News rather than playing bass guitar on his "Hail to the Chief" CD. On Jan. 3, beginning at 7 p.m. CST, about 21 percent of registered Republicans, that's about 119,000 voters based on 2008 figures, will meet in about 800 locations across Iowa to toast ethanol subsidies and cast a preferential presidential vote -- preferential as in non-binding. It's far too much ado about picking the next president. We're told that the caucuses are important because they can reveal candidates' strengths and weaknesses. And their craziness, too. The prospect that Rep. Ron (Terrorists are people too) Paul...(Read Full Article)