Has al-Qaeda Ceased to Exist?

Osama bin Laden, the presumed mastermind behind the creation of al-Qaeda, originally formalized a global network of militants mostly comprising Muslim Brotherhood members.  These Brotherhood members, like Ayman al-Zawahiri, tapped into their own personal networks which later socially conditioned and recruited a mass movement of followers.  Many were active militant fighters, while many more were passive supporters of a newly established global terror network.  But that original al-Qaeda no longer exists. As al-Qaeda grew long after the Russian-Afghan war, many of its leaders became empowered.  They split off, moving into strategically positioned bases around the world.  Their mission was to mainstream al-Qaeda's radicalized views of Islam in an attempt to create a "world caliphate."  Needless to say, many leaders in this movement sought to achieve this strategic objective through government infiltration, passive social conditioning, and even violent...(Read Full Article)