Green Lebensraum: The Nazi Roots of Sustainable Development

Much of the European Union's green sustainable development plans are largely based on government controlled land use planning theories rooted in the lebensraum tradition.    Literally, lebensraum means "living space."   Lebensraum was originally developed by German geographer Friedrich Ratzel (1844-1904) and then greatly expanded under the banner of National Socialism (1933-1945).  Ratzel is the father of modern political geography which is commonly called geopolitics.  He believed history was largely a natural evolutionary development of peoples looking for geographical living space.  Ratzel also held that expanding borders reflected the biological health of a nation.  The National Socialists adopted Ratzel's mixing of evolutionary theory, biology, and geopolitics in their own version of lebensraum.  Karl Haushofer (1869-1946), who was an early advisor to Hitler, was the link between Ratzel and National Socialism.  Karl...(Read Full Article)