Green Blue Laws

Montgomery County, Maryland is the latest locality to impose a 5-cent tax on shoppers or restaurant-goers who need a plastic bag to take their purchases home.  Next door, Washington, D.C. imposed such a tax already; environmentalists are pushing localities everywhere to do the same. The tax is insignificant as a revenue-raiser -- perhaps $1 million a year will be collected, and probably less.  The tax is in fact designed not to be collected.  Relative to the actual price of producing such a bag -- not even 1 penny -- the tax is outrageous, at a 400-percent rate.  Few people will pay 5 cents for something they value at zero -- they will go to significant extremes to avoid it, even if it adds "only" 25-50 cents' added costs per trip to the supermarket. Defenders of the tax say this is exactly the point.  They happily gloat that this is a tax which results in a change in behavior that they have long wanted to see.  Suffice it to say, it is nice that liberals...(Read Full Article)