GOP Timidity Is a Path to Defeat

The blinding speed with which the country has veered left under Obama has left Republicans desperate to find a way to take back the steering wheel.  With that in mind, it is impossible to turn on the television and see any political analysis of the GOP presidential nomination process that doesn't inevitably turn to the question of which of the candidates can beat Obama in the general election.  As many of the polls reflect, most such discussions come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is the safest choice.  However, this argument from electability is based in fear and defeatism, and it produces candidates who fail to energize the voting public enough to win elections, much less edge the direction of the country back to a rightward trajectory.  The nomination of John McCain in 2008 is only the latest example. According to the polls, Ron Paul has been garnering roughly 20% support from GOP primary- and caucus-goers, even though many of his views are considered my...(Read Full Article)