Embarrassed to be a Jew

The Jewish people were, more than once, enjoined by our prophet Isaiah to be Ohr LaGoyim, to set an example for the nations of the world, to enlighten them with examples of goodness, morality, and peace: I the LORD have called unto you in righteousness, and have taken hold of your hand, and submitted you as the people's covenant, as a light unto the nations[.]  -Book of Isaiah, 42:6 Yea, He saith, 'It is too light a thing for you to be My servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the scions of Israel, and I shall submit you as a light unto the nations, to be My salvation until the end of the earth[.]'  -Book of Isaiah, 49:6 It is certainly not working out that way in some quarters, where the behavior of fanatic misogynists in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh is bringing disgrace and embarrassment to the entire worldwide Jewish community.  It embarrasses me for them -- and, if you are Jewish, I suggest that you ought to be embarrassed, too. One...(Read Full Article)