Crony College Capitalism, Chicago-Style

There is (and has been for quite a while) a move afoot to cronyize colleges -- that is, reward the key segments of the college industry that vote and contribute money the "right" way (which is actually the left or politically correct way!), and punish those whom the cronies of the administration in power wish to punish -- most especially, for-profit colleges. This also occurs at the state level, of course.  A choice example of this is in fact Illinois, the state that spawned our current corrupt neo-socialist regime.  Two reports, both from Inside Higher Ed, highlight the problem, and a third piece (from the WSJ) elaborates some of its consequences. The first report is that the Illinois attorney is going to sue the for-profit college chain Westwood College.  Westwood has four campuses in Chicago alone, and campuses as well all across the country. The suit charges that Westwood misled students into enrolling in its criminal justice program, when in fact the degree...(Read Full Article)