Confirmed: Charter Schools Beat the Daylights Out of Public Schools

Is it any surprise that the mainstream media is ignoring the many recent reports that confirm the vast qualitative divide between public and charter schools? First was the news that the most recent Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores in reading and writing (for the 2011 high school graduating class) have hit a new low. About 1.6 million students -- mainly high school seniors planning on attending college -- take the SAT every year.  The average national SAT scores for 2011 fell in every area of the exam -- reading, math, and writing.  In fact, the reading and writing scores were the lowest ever. Moreover, the SAT scores show that only 43% of the test-takers had full college-level skill, which is defined as a composite score of 1550 out of 2400.  (A student scoring 1550 on the SAT would have about a two-thirds chance of getting at least a B- average in his or her freshman year at college.  Remember that grade inflation is the norm in today's college world,...(Read Full Article)