Civilization's Centurions

Before I came to realize that my future resided in the classroom, I took two education classes in my senior year of college.  I'd already completed most mandated courses and taken more than the required units of English.  So to help fill out two remaining semesters, I joined some fellow English majors in their educational theory and adolescent psychology classes.  They wanted to teach.  I wanted a break from courses with multiple outside readings and research papers. At the same time, I took a job as a teacher (one class at noon) at a local Catholic parish high school.  I'd worked my way through college at a variety of part-time and summer jobs, and the $25 a week the principal offered was on a par with my usual school-year employment.  What could be easier than standing in front of high school seniors and letting them bask in the glow of my newly acquired literary sophistication?  They'd be duly impressed, and I'd be spared any heavy...(Read Full Article)