Chivalry Sinks under Equality's Murky Waters

When the Costa Concordia cruise liner struck rocks and careened onto its side off the coast of Tuscany, passengers and press alike compared the modern maritime disaster to the sinking of the Titanic. The comparison has proven unflattering to the captain, crew, and male passengers aboard the Costa Concordia, who in many cases shoved past women -- including expectant mothers -- and children to save their own sorry skins. A grandmother recalled for the Daily Mail, "I was standing by the lifeboats and men, big men, were banging into me and knocking the girls."  "Whatever happened to women and children first?" the newspaper queried.  What indeed? The men who behaved badly on the Costa Concordia were cowards, no doubt  about it, but they are also products of an age that downplays such erstwhile virtues as chivalry and protectiveness of women.  We instinctively recoil from the way they behaved, but there are mitigating factors (I recoil as I write this, but it is...(Read Full Article)