Chicago Political Turf War Heats Up

A political turf war in Chicago, pitting the old Machine against Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new regime, is underway. The power configuration of the old Machine will be realigned by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  That means shifting loyalties.  One such shift involves a major Chicago news outlet. In a December 22, 2011 article entitled "Rahm has deep financial ties to new Sun-Times owners," in the context of profiling the new owners of the Chicago Sun-Times (sold December 2011), the article noted: Mayor Rahm Emanuel sure will have a ton of buddies in one key local media outlet, because virtually every one of the Sun-Times' new owners has been a major contributor, business partner or civic ally of his. For instance, at least eight of the 12 board members of the new company, Wrapports LLC, have donated to Mr. Emanuel's campaign fund in the past year, collectively plunking down $241,000 that I found in a quick survey of Board of Elections disclosures. So the Sun-Times is...(Read Full Article)