California overfishing wealthy taxpayers

The once golden State of California continues its inexorable decline.  The state motto still proclaims "Eureka..I have found it" while the decades long fiscal train wreck more accurately portrays California as the poster child for the entrenched criminal syndication between the public service and trade unions, and their hard left lapdogs. Not surprisingly, the Democrats currently control large majorities in both houses of the state legislature plus the governor's mansion. used the usual media spin on the continuing fiscal insanity that infects the governing class in Sacramento. California's chief fiscal examiner said his independent analysis shows the state may collect $5 billion less in revenues than Gov. Jerry Brown has projected in his new $92.5 billion spending plan. But Mac Taylor, the state's principal fiscal analyst as head of the Legislative Analyst's Office, said it is too soon to know whose projections are closer to reality - his or the governor's. The...(Read Full Article)