Bonyads: Iran's Greatest Strength against Sanctions

Iran test-fired a new stealth weapon system over New Year's.  Simultaneously, boasting to the world, Iran announced a breakthrough development -- its first nuclear fuel rod.  Their rogue aggressiveness has many world leaders concerned.  With U.S. elections soon to come, the issue of Iran must be heatedly debated. One potential solution to the Iranian threat often bandied about is economic sanctions.  However, right, wrong, or indifferent, sanctions are not the way to deal with Iran, as they will do very little to cripple the Ali Khamenei state.  In fact, Iran can subvert sanctions via a very secretive economic program that few Westerners understand -- the Bonyads. Virtually untouchable by international sanctions, Iranian Bonyads make up approximately 30% of Iran's GDP.  Similar to non-profit organizations, Bonyads are tax-exempt charitable entities.  Since they do not depend on the U.S. dollar, and since they are compartmentalized into dozens of...(Read Full Article)