Anybody but Mitt is Obama

The Iowa Caucus is upon us, and 2012 is off and running.  Over the past several days, the new Republican flavor of the month, Rick Santorum, has gained traction and momentum through the endorsements of a number of evangelical leaders in the state.  Pundits everywhere analyze this new momentum in context of an anti-Mitt movement in the conservative wing of the Republican Party.  Comments are couched in terms of a last attempt to stop the march of Romney toward the nomination.  All matter of gaming takes place assuming that Santorum becomes the new standard bearer of the right.  Suggestions that he bypass New Hampshire and go directly to South Carolina to make a stand with Christian conservatives in that state are now openly posited. Yet all of this continues to ignore the realities of this race in context of the raw politics that will be part of the 2012 election cycle.  The anybody but Mitt crowd may be get their wish and it won't be another...(Read Full Article)