And Just How Do You Define 'Fair'?

President Obama said during the Democratic Party primary debates that preceded the 2008 election that he would raise capital gains rates -- not because it would increase revenue, but because it was "fair."  During his recent State of the Union speech, he used the word "fair" over and over again to justify his desire for more and more government control over outcomes. "Fair" is one of those warm, fuzzy words that allows the listener to define it to his own personal taste -- and the definition changes from one specific case to another.  In Little League baseball, the kids are segregated by age to improve the level of competition.  Not one person whom I can think of would consider that "unfair," yet it is segregation -- a word which in any other context would lead to riots.  But is it fair?  Is the fact that some youngsters are larger, more experienced, and perhaps more athletic somehow unfair?  Must they be isolated from competition with younger, smaller,...(Read Full Article)