An Endless Parade of Small People

They come in all sizes and shapes.  They can be male or female.  They are tall, average, and short, as well as slim, athletic, portly, or obese in stature.  Their ages vary from late twenties to octogenarians and sometimes even older.  Their IQs are mostly average, give or take a couple standard deviations. Despite the physical and mental differences, they are all connected by one common thread -- they are all morally and ethically challenged.  They seem to be so devoid of character, principles, and Judeo-Christian values that they would do anything at anytime to anyone if it would make them seem better off.  No, we are not discussing car salesmen, lawyers, or telephone marketers.  We are talking about a specific group of individuals whose common thread is politics.  They are an endless parade of small people.  It used to be that public service was honorable.  It was something patriotic people did because they loved being an...(Read Full Article)