AMERITOPIA: Mark Levin Connects the Dots

When I came across the line that "Utopia misapprehends man's nature," I had to stop reading and make a note to self.  I do this with any brilliantly succinct and accurate notion.  This line was so good that I wish I had written it myself.  I had not. Mark Levin wrote that and many other such nuggets -- and wove them into a tightly coherent narrative on where and why America is today.  It's entitled Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, published today.  Like his Liberty and Tyranny three years ago, this book should defy publishing gravity and demonstrate that Americans are indeed interested in intellectual history -- as long as the author can make it compelling and demonstrate relevance.  Levin does both. Before reading the book, I assumed that Mark would show us where we are headed as a nation.  I was wrong.  Instead he shows us where we already are and why we are there.  The style is conversational -- like the style of that one history...(Read Full Article)