Americans, Lend Me Your Eyes

Shakespeare's Mark Antony beseeched his countrymen to "lend me your ears."  Is it time to ask Americans to lend their eyes to see how President Obama's foreign policies have endangered our country? A November Gallup poll indicates that 67% of Americans disapprove of Obama's economic policies, while only 44% disapprove of his foreign policies (with 49% approving of the latter).  Failure of Obama's economic policies is tangibly experienced by Americans.  Failure of his foreign policies -- even in an era of 24-hour media and internet scrutiny -- is not yet directly felt.  A cursory review shows that Obama is gravely endangering our national security: 1. Failure to Support Iranian Democracy Protesters:  Obama's most egregious foreign policy misstep likely was his refusal to offer encouragement to the "Green Movement" protesting Iran's flagrantly rigged elections in March 2009.  Obama stood by, almost mute, while...(Read Full Article)