Aborting Reason

The left's logical case for abortion rights had officially collapsed.  We can thank CNN's Piers Morgan for administering last rites when he resorted to the tired, sensationalized, "Yeah, well, what if your daughter was raped?" argument with Rick Santorum in a televised interview (video). There's a reason why anytime we seek to settle a bitter dispute between two feuding parties, we turn to a disinterested third person to act as the arbiter.  There's a reason why courtroom litigants plead their case before an unbiased, dispassionate jury of their peers.  There's a reason why the president and the public evaluate the temperament of judges before appointing or electing them to office.  The reason is because we know that when attempting to come to a clear, rational, sound conclusion about serious and many times controversial issues, emotional connections to either side can cloud our judgment and confuse our thinking. And that's also the very reason why on the great...(Read Full Article)