A Provisional Anatomy of Truth

We frequently criticize MSM journalists for distorting the truth. But what is "truth"? When Pilate asked that question, he was probably being ironic and didn't expect an answer.  But philosophers have written piles of impenetrable books attempting to answer him.  So far, there has been no consensus -- perhaps because we have been arguing about different types of "truth." As in Dante's Inferno, "truth" can be divided into nine levels of ever-increasing deviation from "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."  To use an artistic analogy, the topmost level 1 corresponds to the real subject, level 2 to a photograph, level 3 to a painting, and so on until the bottom levels, which correspond to cartoons or vicious caricatures. 1. The highest level, "truth-1," would be a complete and absolute comprehension of the reality of any object -- which (because of the connectedness of all things) would require an absolute comprehension of the universe.  It is...(Read Full Article)