25 Things Every Guy Should Not Know How to Do

Yes, there are lots of things every man should know how to do.  There are lists everywhere.  There are websites and magazines devoted to it.  Rather typically, however, I find myself musing in the opposite direction.  So listen close. Every Guy Should Not Know How To: 1. Plan a wedding. If you're in it, your only job is to show up on time.  If you are simply attending, your responsibility is to eat and drink.  The more wedding cake, the better.  Try to have enough class to not get embarrassingly drunk, though. 2. Arrange flowers. Sure, flowers look amazing in the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam in the spring.  But leave the arranging to the pros.  Please. 3. Identify the brand name of a purse you see from over fifty feet away.   This is a skill only your wife should have.  And if she does have it, she probably spends too much. 4. Distinguish between magenta and purple.   Identifying the...(Read Full Article)