2012: It's Bain Capital vs. Obama Capital

I've been worrying for months about Romney and the Bain Capital problem.  How was Romney, if nominated for President of the United States, going to deal with Democrats trying to hang Bain Capital layoffs round his neck?  Paul Kengor goes into great detail on this. This week Mitt Romey, in an "informal" campaign plane interview, showed us how it is going to be done.  Said he: Well, I'd like to look at Barack Obama's record, and so as we talk about my experience in the private sector, I'll talk about his experience... he's now been a venture capitalist in Solyndra, Fisker, the Tesla... and he's been a private equity guy in General Motors and Chrysler, so I'll be talking about his record when I'm facing him. Why didn't I think of that?  But Human Events'  John Hayward got really annoyed with Romney.  Obama a "venture capitalist?" he fumed.  Try crony capitalist! Barack Obama is not a "venture capitalist" with a "record in the private sector." The...(Read Full Article)