You Can't be Pro-Obama and Pro-Israel

Since the day he took office, President Obama has been anti-Israel. Barack Obama has failed to achieve the bipartisan results that he promised to seek while running for office. In fact, he has created a chasm between the political left and right in this country that is wider than it has ever been. The president's tendency to shove his agenda down people's throats regardless of the merits, the biting partisan rhetoric that he aims at political opponents, the condescending way that he talks down to legislators with more experience and better ideas, the "this is not about me" mantra that he uses repeatedly to insult anyone who dares to challenge his ideas, and his incessant posturing are huge parts of the president's problem. President Obama has even managed to alienate the far left in his own party. Some say that's because he's too centrist, but anyone who calls Barack Obama a centrist has to ignore his long and sordid history of leftist positions on a broad range of issues and his...(Read Full Article)