Why the left thinks Buffett isn't about $$$

The Billionaires of the Left aren't interested in making money. The reason is that they're Good People, and Good People Don't Tell Lies. Warren Buffett is a Good Person who wants to pay more taxes. How do we know? 'Cause he says so, any time the media ask him. That's proof enough, isn't it? George Soros isn't interested in making more billions. Soros is a Good Convicted Insider Trader, who tried to knock off the currency of Malaysia and the UK, impoverishing millions of people. When asked about that, Gyorgyi says somebody had to do it. See? He's a Good Person. The Kennedys are all about charity and compassion, even after Grandpa Joe, the whiskey trade, and the Wall Street swindles. The Chicago Machine loves little children and kittens 'cause they're cute. That's all Michelle really cares about. 'Cause she's a Good Person. I'm just trying to figure out the title of this piece. Why does the left believe that Warren Buffett isn't interested in money? What's he been doing all his life. I...(Read Full Article)