We Need Not Repeat 1776

The parallels between now and 1776 are worrisome, even frightening -- in many ways, people now living in the United States of America have returned to circumstances of our revolutionary forbears.  Hopefully, George Santayana was not stating what we must do: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." In 1776, there was an elite hereditary British aristocracy that was totally out of touch with the everyday class, in fact preying on it.  Today we have an elite class of professional politicians with apparently lifelong tenure in Congress and their minions in a massive bureaucracy that controls the populace by overseeing regulatory compliance. In 1776, the ruling class protected and extended their power using a military often built through impressment.  Today, the power-elite fosters a class of government dependents who, in order to protect their government handouts or bailouts, keep the elite in power through the ballot box. Two nights ago, I moderated a...(Read Full Article)