We Know More About Jesus's Birth Than Obama's

A few years back, the Harvard-educated Paul Mirecki, then head of the Religious Studies Department at Kansas University, proposed a new class.   His goal, as he told his cohorts in an atheist and agnostic chat room, was to give "fundies" -- i.e., orthodox Christians -- "a nice slap in their big fat face by teaching [intelligent design] as a religious studies class under the category 'mythology.'" Mirecki did not expect any pushback from KU. "The majority of my colleagues here in the dept [sic] are agnostics or atheists, or they just don't care," wrote Mirecki.  "If any of them are theists, it hasn't been obvious to me in the 15 years I've been here." Unwittingly, Mirecki opened a window on the world of religious scholarship.  At least since Darwin, cynics like Mirecki have been working to subvert Christianity under the guise of religious studies.  The notorious, 150-scholar strong "Jesus Seminar" would seem to have no higher calling.   As the record...(Read Full Article)