Turning Off Reality TV Politics

When Donald Trump pretended he was going to run for President last spring, conservatives who understand what the 2012 election means rightly chose either to ignore him or to deride him as a publicity-seeking distraction.  Now, at this pivotal moment, he has tried to reinsert himself into the Republican nomination process by proposing to stage a debate within a week of the Iowa caucuses.  Most of the candidates have declined this invitation to guest star on The Trump Holiday Election Special.  They are right to have declined, for reasons which go beyond Trump's own fatuousness, reasons which are related to the general trend towards politics as reality TV. As of this writing, only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have signed on for this debate, and Trump is indicating he may cancel it. Gingrich, feeling that debates are his strong suit, and Santorum, desperate for any opportunity to get his message out, have understandable reasons for accepting.  Good luck to...(Read Full Article)