The RomneyCare Blues

The American people, in 2008, were taken in by soaring rhetoric and well-produced theatre resulting in the election of the worst president since before the Civil War.  Today, the Republican primary voter is faced with less than ideal choices in deciding upon a candidate to oppose and defeat Barack Obama.  While that is often the case in election cycles, in 2012 the selection of the candidate has taken on added importance, as that person must be able to implement bold and dramatic changes. All of those on the Republican stage have a record of accomplishments and failures.  It is their previous actions -- not their words, promises, or clever attack ads -- that should be the basis for choosing someone to lead the nation back from the abyss.  Mitt Romney has a record as governor of Massachusetts and a business leader, Newt Gingrich as speaker of the House of Representatives, Rick Perry as governor of Texas; Ron Paul as a long-term member of the House of...(Read Full Article)