The Richmond Tea Party Audit and the First Amendment

When the Richmond Tea Party (RTP) wanted to hold a daytime rally under the right of peaceable assembly protected by the Virginia and United States Constitutions, the City of Richmond made the RTP spend about $8,500 on a special events permit, liability insurance, police presence, and other costs. The City of Richmond later allowed Occupy Richmond to hold protests over the course of weeks, but did not require the special events permit and other expenditures like those made by the RTP.  Occupy Richmond has cost the city and state police about $31,000, and has resulted in multiple arrests. There has been nationwide outrage over this blatant disparity in treatment.  Americans know that government cannot pick First Amendment winners and losers. In fact, this is one more example of government lawbreaking.  Americans inherently understand the laws of freedom better than government, even with almost no media publicity about the First Amendment law of permits for...(Read Full Article)