The Rich Are Not Conservative

The latest Gallup Poll confirms what most of us had suspected all along:  the rich -- that top one percent, the folks whom radical leftists like OWS rail against -- are not as conservative as the rest of us.  The greater conservatism of the 99% rest of us is slight -- one percentage point -- but it does bring home the fact that many of those with wealth are rather happy with the struggling middle class keeping to its place. Wealth is not income.  The income of the middle class comes from hardworking folks; often husband and wife both hold full-time jobs, trying to reach a level of security, comfort, and leisure which people like leftist Senator Jay Rockefeller or Senator John Kerry have always taken for granted.  These leftists do not need to earn money.  They simply preserve their acquired wealth. Leftists' fear is not that some Americans are miserable and poor or live in dysfunctional families (created by the awful social welfare programs and godless...(Read Full Article)