The Magic of the Tim Tebow Saga

It has been difficult to digest every bit of criticism and praise that Tim Tebow has endured in the past weeks.  One minute, Bill Maher is lambasting him as a right-wing Christian nut and sports columnists are essentially laughing at the fact that he even has an opportunity to play quarterback in the NFL.  The next, Bob Costas is speaking at halftime on Sunday Night Football, citing the New York Times' praise for Tebow's "confidence, equanimity, optimism," and "a presence that can't be explained, but can certainly be felt." Such opposite assessments exist in abundance because Tim Tebow has become a polarizing figure in recent years -- so much so that to proclaim his greatness or his ineffectiveness reflects a particularly well-defined social position.  In his superb analysis in the Wall Street Journal, Patton Dodd explains:  Feelings about Mr. Tebow have been a litmus test of political and social identity. If you think he's destined to be a winner, you must be a...(Read Full Article)