The Jews, the Communists, and the Democratic Party

I just began reading Blacklisted by History; The Untold Story of Joe McCarthy.  It seeks to establish that many of the people that McCarthy targeted unsuccessfully were later proven to be communists.  It brought back many memories for me. I grew up in the forties and fifties.  My father's family, like many other Polish Jewish families in Canada, were avowed Communists.  They were dedicated to workers' rights and marched in the streets.  They even managed to get one of their own, J P Salsberg, elected to the Ontario legislature representing the Communist Party, then called the Labour-Progressive Party. I was old enough to remember the heated debates on the trial and execution of the Rosenbergs, the Doctor's Plot as alleged by Stalin, and the McCarthy hearings.  I even watched the hearings on that newfangled device called television.  I read the Bintel Brief and The Rise of David Levinsky by the editor of the Forward, Abraham Cahan.  I was an avid...(Read Full Article)