The Iran War. Get Used to It.

The Middle East has caught fire.  Uprisings have occurred, leaders have been ousted, Syria's Assad is grasping to remain in power, and Israel remains in a state of unease.  The region has become ideologically war-torn -- a phenomenon induced at least in part by xenophobic language among Shiite and Sunni elements.  War in the region is beyond imminent -- it has already begun. Religious fundamentalists constantly use hatred to mobilize people.  Violent rhetoric promotes social conditioning among mass movements.  Inspiring persons to act with hate and violence through induction of national and or religious pride has become standard procedure throughout the former caliphate region.  Sunni and Shiite actors have contributed equally to the fire. Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt have been taken over by Muslim Brotherhood elements.  In the mix of these nation-states' uprisings were numerous al-Qaeda-affiliated proxies.  Iran's only true ally in the...(Read Full Article)