The Fall of the House of Frank

The imminent retirement of Barney Frank from the House of Representatives is an important rhetorical marker for one of the most significant financial disasters in U.S. history.  The housing bubble and ultimate collapse was substantially informed, justified, and rationalized by the public arguments of Congressman Barney Frank.  The conventional punditry of our nation, allied with a reactionary "occupation" movement in the streets, has constituted itself as a Greek chorus of support.  They echo the idea that private banks have robbed Americans into destitution and that government must, in the classic Keynesian tale, come to our perpetual rescue in the form of regulation, taxation, and government guarantees.  Frank's departure offers an inflection point to re-examine this cherished myth of the reactionary left. Frank's congressional website highlights frequently asked questions from constituents regarding his supervision of the federal government's financial arm for...(Read Full Article)