The Democratic Party's War against Promotions

The December 2011 battle in Washington, D.C. -- a battle over continuing a Social Security tax-cut for another year, or even another two months -- demonstrates the differences between the parties in stark detail, both in terms of campaign methods and economic ideology. Most commentators have focused on the campaign methods: brilliant, isn't it, how the Democrats have turned the tables on the GOP, making it look like the GOP is fighting a tax cut?  Pundits laugh at the "tax cut party" being put in the position of opposing a tax cut that all workers' pay, while simultaneously opposing the tax increases on "the rich" that the Democrats are also (constantly) championing. As political theater, perhaps, this is to be chalked up as a victory for Democrat strategists: at no cost to themselves, the Democrats have won debate points in public opinion.  The Democrat message has carried the mainstream media; the reporters are repeating the DNC's talking points. Question: when...(Read Full Article)