The Case for the Lady with the Titanium Spine

When Michele Bachmann announced her candidacy for the presidency of the United States, she skyrocketed to the top of the Republican pack as the conservative specially anointed to be the anti-Romney candidate. Since then, other candidates emerged, rose, fell, and dropped out. However, despite all these tumultuous political changes, Michele Bachmann has steadfastly remained as the true consistent conservative -- one who can intellectually take the fight to Obama and represent the right in both rhetoric and record. It is important to note that Bachmann has a life story with which Americans can identify. Unlike the pampered patrician Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann did not grow up in a household with excessive wealth.  In her book Core of Conviction, Bachmann highlights her working-class upbringing and details how she learned frugality through experiencing financial hardship. Having a candidate with a background that Americans can identify with is incredibly important, particularly at...(Read Full Article)