The Case for Gingrich

There are many problems that conservatives should have with a President Gingrich.  His personal life has been speckled with adultery.  He has flip-flopped on global warming.  His firm has profited, though modestly, from the housing debacle (although there is no hint of wrongdoing on Gingrich's part.)  Gingrich sounds very wonky for a conservative who wants to lead a revolution; conservatism is not, in essence, detailed.  Basic principles, nearly all of which devolve choice to the individual or the state government, are clear, few, and brief.  Nevertheless, there is a compelling case for Gingrich as the Republican nominee.  He is both glib and brilliant.  In this respect Gingrich resembles much more the parliamentary pugilist Winston Churchill, who also had very heavy baggage, than Ronald Reagan, who gave "The Speech" ten thousand times.  Like Churchill, who mastered much more than just politics, Gingrich is an historian, a fiction writer,...(Read Full Article)