The American Jewish Dilemma

No sooner did turbulence subside within the American Jewish community over Israeli videos and billboard ads that seemed to denigrate the quality of Jewish life in the United States than a new problem erupted. This time, however, Israel could not be blamed.  The new fracas was entirely the fault of Republican presidential candidates speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition Forum in Washington.  One after another, they affirmed their strong support for Israel and chastised the Obama administration for its incessant criticism of the Jewish state. Newt Gingrich was the prime culprit.  He sharply criticized Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's "outrageous" recent demand that Israel "get to the damn table" and make peace with the Palestinian Authority -- as if President Mahmoud Abbas, like his predecessors, had not persistently fled from negotiations, even with the assurance of Israeli concessions. Gingrich indicated that if elected president, he would immediately...(Read Full Article)