The Age of Race- and Politics-Based Law Enforcement

Satire Six months ago, I returned home to discover that a family had moved into my backyard storage shed.  Displaying an incredible sense of entitlement and off-the-chain arrogance, the family refused to leave, arguing that they were simply seeking a better life.  Adding insult to injury, their TV, computers, etc. were powered by an electrical cord plugged into the exterior outlet of my home. Infuriated, I immediately sought help from law enforcement to remove the squatters from my property.  After inquiring about the race of my intruders, law enforcement accused me of racism and declined to assist me.  I yelled, "These people are breaking the law!  What about my rights as a property owner?" The police scolded me: "Don't try to hide your racism behind the law!" I returned home, frustrated, to witness more of the trespassers' family and friends setting up residency in my backyard.  One invader brought an old piece-of-crap RV.  My Homeowners'...(Read Full Article)