Stop Iran's Mullahs and Support the Iranian People

The illegitimate government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a Quisling entity that has betrayed its people, its traditions, its glorious pre-Islamic achievements, and is working against Iran's national interest. Iran, under the stranglehold and machinations of the Mullahs, has been transformed, in less than three decades, into a perpetrator of evil and of all that is abhorrent to humanity. The life that God gives, no man should extinguish. The illegitimate mullahs presently ruling Iran have blatantly violated this sacred covenant while shooting at a large number of peaceful demonstrators demanding nothing more than their God-given rights to individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The mullahs and their mercenaries waste precious human life to maintain themselves in power while terrorizing the population. Our hearts bleed watching the brutally of government agents, their treatment of children, assaulting them in their dormitories at night while they sleep or invading the...(Read Full Article)