Saving the Cain Campaign

The Cain Train is about to derail.  There is probably only one thing Herman can do at this point to get his campaign back on track: he can talk about race.  Specifically, he can talk about two subjects that are taboo for white politicians: affirmative action and black crime. During the crusade against the confirmation of Clarence Thomas, one line of attack was that since Yale Law School had introduced affirmative action a few years before Thomas was accepted, he was its beneficiary, and it was hypocritical for him to criticize it.  There was a small problem.  None of those savaging Thomas had access to his grades, test scores, or letters of recommendation.  Their unstated assumption was simply that no African-American could have gotten into Yale Law School without someone bending the rules.  Affirmative action tarnishes the achievements of bright and ambitious African-Americans, and Cain should be able to speak eloquently and passionately on this...(Read Full Article)