Romney: Guilty of Wealth

Maybe we should stop taking questions from the audience in these debates.  "When have you struggled financially?" asked one viewer of the candidates.  Obviously this question is a "gotcha" to Romney, who is guilty of never being poor. Yes, this is the debate where we find that Romney is rich and therefore not fit to be president.  Just ask the tweeterers who were offended by Romney's proposed ten thousand dollar bet with Rick Perry over whether he supported national health care mandates in his first book.  These literal minded, hypersensitive debate viewers reflected that they didn't have ten thousand dollars to bet.  My theory as to why this will become the "take away" moment of the debate is because it takes the least amount of thought to contemplate, requires no background knowledge of any sort to react to, and most nicely fits into a YouTube style sound-bite.  The debate moderators discussed this important development directly after the debate,...(Read Full Article)